An Introduction With the Computer Hardware

Computers have become an integral part of our lives. About a couple of decades ago these machines were introduced. Over a period of 15-20 years there has been a computer technology invasion across the globe. You would rarely find some one who would not know the benefits and uses of this magnificent machine. However, they might not be able to understand the term computer hardware.

When we talk about computers we are referring to hardware and software. These two work are synchronized for the computers to work the way they do. Computer hardware is the physical or tangible part of the system where as, the computer software is an application which is not tangible. Computer hardware can’t function unless it is supported by the computer software that it needs.

Computer hardware is more of a fixed feature as compared to the software. Computer software can easily and frequently be changed or modified. However, the same is not true for computer hardware, as most of it is not even visible. The hardware is embedded inside the peripheral of the computer. This doesn’t mean that in case they go bad they can’t be replaced. Depending upon the kind of hardware, replacement is an option.

The basic circuit board is called the motherboard that makes the basic building block of this complex system. For processing and comprehending data there is a hardware called the CPU or Central processing Unit. The hardware that acts as the memory of the machine is called RAM (Random Access Memory). To ensure that the software applications are loaded there is some thing called the Basic Input Output System or the BIOS, which basically controls and executes the system. There are other supporting hardware devises as well like the Monitor, keyboard, CD – ROM, Floppy Disk, Zip Drive, Hard Drive.

There could be an endless list of computer hardware and accessories that you could keep adding to make your system more and more powerful. However, the ones mentioned above are indispensable.